Tuesday, January 26

Lakewood Anti-appreciation Day

This morning I had two different Lakewood City vehicles buzz me. Both were pulling trailers and in both instances (2 or 3 minutes apart) the driver could have gotten into the empty left lane but didn't even bother to get over within the right lane. I suspect they were "distracted."

And then as I approached Iron Springs park I saw both of them parked and their crews unloading the backhoe and bobcat from the trailers.

One of the crew saw my upraised three fingers but had a very quizzical look. Clueless. And supporting my theory that they were "distracted."

I debated for the rest of my ride whether or not I should report it to the City, but I just don't have the mental energy to deal with it.

Otherwise it was a good ride if a bit brisk (17F).

Wednesday, January 20

Interesting Thought and Commuting Update

This is an interesting article on the Freakonomics blog.

Recent riding (commuting) stats:

October - 8 days worth of commuting

November - 4.5 days (4 days to and from and 1 day just to)

December - 2 days

January so far - 5 with today

Deplorable. Utterly deplorable. The weather has been nasty many days during this period, granted, however, there were many, many days that are blank on my MapMyRide Training Log on which the weather was perfectly fine for riding.

I've been lazy. I need to stop being lazy.

Wednesday, January 13

Winter Commuting

I rode Monday and Tuesday. It was colder than today, but tonight we have a Cub Scout meeting at 6pm and I have to work til 5:30 so I opted to drive.

The roads are grungy from snow management, but its actually been pretty dry after all the snow. The up side is the sunny mornings to ride in, the downside is that it gets dark quick as I ride home. But, the days are getting longer every turn of the planet.

My commute times are pretty good. Back close to what they were when I was training for the TBP.

I need a stronger front light for dark evenings though. My light just isn't bright enough to help me see the road ahead. Some non-tinted glasses would be nice so I could protect my eyes and still see in the dark. Something to look into...

Wednesday, January 6

Skating on Skinny Tires

I opted not to ride this morning and probably won't tomorrow morning either. We're supposed to get up to 3" of snow today and the temps are dropping into the teens with sub-zero windchills. All in all I think I would have been ok to ride today, though riding in the dark on 3" of snow would have been dicey at best...

If I hadn't been too lazy to fix the tube in my front tire on my MTB I would have ridden regardless. My new waterproof shoes came yesterday and I should be bombproof against the weather now.

Monday, January 4


Rode in today. It was so nice to ride in the daylight. It was cold, in the teens with single digit windchill, but it just didn't seem that bad.

Of course I'll be riding home in the dark...oh well.

I watched American Flyers yesterday (with the sound turned down really low and the subtitles on). It makes me want to do a big ride like the Triple Bypass again. I don't want to do the Triple this year...oh no! Don't get me wrong, it was a great ride, I'd love to do it again, but I want something different.

I might look into doing the Stonewall Century in August.

My goal in 2010 is to ride to work at least four days a week. I am going to work on maximizing my efficiency. I'd like to get it to a point where I give as little thought to riding as I have to driving. That'll be hard actually, but I think if i ride enough that it'll be possible.